Drone topography - FAE FOTO

For field measurements, data processing and accurate representation on plans and maps of planimetric features and landforms. we use specific topographical UAVs developed by FAE Drones. These are automated tools for fast and accurate data acquisition from the air.

Using drones we can provide digital terrain model in AutoCAD format, cloud points and orthophotomap. The ground resolution is between 1 cm / pixel and 10-20 cm / pixel, depending on clients request and task specifications.


The advantages of UAV data collection:

  • Rapidity
  • Precision
  • Significantly reduced costs compared to traditional methods
  • Accessibility in dangerous or inaccessible areas for human operators on the ground



Photo ortomosaic results are:

  • 2D digital surface model orthophotomap (topographic map)
  • Digital elevation model (DEM)
  • 3D digital surface model
  • Calculations for excavated volumes and waste dumps 
  • KMZ Google Earth map
  • Mapping areas with a high degree of variability ( Delta, river meadows, areas affected by erosions, transport and storage) with high temporal resolution 
  • Coastal mapping
  • Mapping of disaster areas

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Theodor Pallady 287, 4th floor
Inside I.O.R. 2
Bucharest, sector 3
+40 721 223 342


  • What kind of a flying machine are you using ?
    We are using a professional aerial plane drone type for topography and agriculture FAE 1718 Fixed Wing - REBEL drone.
  • What cameras do you use for aerial photos ?
    Aerial photographs are made based on project with SONY Alpha A6000 camera or Mavic 2 Pro - Hasselblad Camera camera with brushless video stabilizer.
  • At what height can you fly ?
    Maximum altitude we can fly is 2000 m.
  • Can you offer aerial filming also ?
    Yes. FAE FOTO makes aerial filming.
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